Camp Jubilee

Lenny was born in Colorado Springs in the USA.  His daddy was a Baptist preacher.  Lenny moved to Singapore the next year with his missionary parents and became a missionary kid.  Lenny went to Sunday School there.

Lenny's daddy started a Bible school in Singapore for evangelists, even if they were not Baptists.  He also had a Bible school for evangelists in Japan before Lenny was born, with Reverend John Rhodes, his best man, when Daddy married Lois in Hong Kong.  But Lois died in Japan, so Daddy married again in Colorado.  

Lenny joined the Singapore Scouts some of the eight years he lived in Singapore.

Then while driving to Texas for 180 days—yes, driving—Lenny’s daddy preached in the only church in Afghanistan at that time, before it was burned down by someone who didn't know any better.  His daddy also preached at an American air base in Athens which is now a regular Greek airport.  That was because Lenny’s daddy used to teach sailors how to fly off ships in F-6 airplanes.  But that was a really long time ago, before Lenny was born.

Lenny got to Texas safely and joined the Webelos, a part of the American Cub Scouts, at the age of ten.  He also went to Eagle Lake Camp and learned lots of things, like how to shoot a bow and arrow.

After a year, most of our family moved to Japan, except for my two older sisters who were born in Japan.  Their names are Janet and Sue.  They had to go to high school and college.  Even though they finished secondary school in Singapore, Susan wanted to go to an American high school, so she repeated her senior year in Texas.  Janet went to her first year of college as a freshman to Philadelphia College of the Bible.  She moved to the dormitory there.

In Japan, Mommy, Daddy and the four younger children (who where were not born in Japan, but Lenny's older brother Keith in Taiwan, Lenny in the USA and the twins Lila and Lee in Singapore) survived a volcanic eruption.  Asama-yama blew its top and turned the white snow to black.  

The next year, Keith again stayed in the dormitory at Christian Academy of Japan in Tokyo for high school, but then Mommy, Daddy and the three younger children moved to Indonesia.  Lenny relearned the Malay that he used to know in Singapore so he could bargain for becak rides, and ride his bicycle really fast through kampongs so he wouldn’t be hit with stones the kids threw at him.  The kids didn’t know any better, because they thought he was Dutch instead of American.  They really hated the Dutch there because the Dutch were mean to their parents and sometimes killed them. But that was years ago, so most Indonesians don’t hate the Dutch anymore.

After three years Lenny’s daddy helped his best man Rev. Rhodes teach more evangelists in Hawaii at the Asian School of Theology.  Lenny got in big trouble for walking through an old graveyard by some mango trees, but then the Hawaiian man that caught him and the twins found out they were just visiting and didn’t know any better, so he said “Aloha” to them.

Then Lenny's daddy helped out a preacher named Billy Graham yet again in the Philippines.  He had helped him out in London before that.  So Uncle Lenny joined the Sea Scouts and learned to sail on Lake Taal.

In college Uncle Lenny learned to ride horses in Texas for PE class.  But after he graduated, he became an English teacher in Guangzhou to Chinese children and adults of all ages.

But then he got in trouble with his girlfriend and she couldn't stand him anymore, so he moved to Guiyang.  But after only five months he hurried back to Texas to marry Big Mama Triphina.

Lenny and Triphina went back to Guiyang together for their first anniversary. But then they found out China wasn't for them.  They decided they would rather move to Jerusalem instead.  Someday, they hope.

But first they want to have kids. Triphina's DNA results show some European Jewish heritage and Lenny’s wonders if his Polish grandmother was not just Catholic. Maybe her ancestors could have been part Yiddish, too.

Something in Lenny makes him very interested in the older part of the Bible ad the Jewish people. Jesus spoke the Hebrew language.  

Lenny also has Esperanto mania for a made-up language called The International Language, but his wife refuses to speak a word of it because she prefers Spanish and Hebrew.  Maybe they can compromise start arguing together in Hebrew.  They both love talking in American Sign Language.

Big Mama Triphina was right when she said Lenny, whom she affectionately calls by his middle name, Daniel, couldn't hear a word she said.  The audiologist agreed and gave him hearing aids.  

You might not believe it, but Lenny had to get bifocals to he can see the tiny footnotes in his Bible better.  Maybe we should call him "grandpa" now!

Lenny and Triphina love children from every background.  You can be their honourary kid if you need parents, by way of the internet. You can write to Lenny as pastorlenny and adding

Love and thanks, Lenny and Triphina

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